Furniture Makeovers

Dresser          IMG_2735

The outdated dresser could still provide excellent storage for a growing boy, but needed

a facelift to make it more appealing to the eye. With a quick sanding, and a few coats of

John Deere green, the outdated wood fades to the background and the piece really

becomes a piece of art all by itself. Add a quick application of glossy black spray paint to

the handles and this piece has become an excellent addition to a young boy’s room.



photo 2  photo 1

This chair was a Craigslist find.  I had been looking for a mate for my other roadside-find cane chair for awhile, and this one finally popped up for $20.  I was all over it.  Before I could turn this outdated, dull piece into something more fun and “me,” I had to get busy on that golden, velvet upholstery.  It took some time to remove.  I was glad to find that the cushions underneath were in great shape and could be re-used.  After one coat of spray primer and a couple of coats of red spray paint, I once again went with my cheap go-to fabric: painter’s drop cloth.  Today this chair and it’s cane mate live in my recently renovated basement.  They’re definitely a fun pop of color…and some nice, comfortable seating that was done on a dime.

photo 4   photo 1


Both of these chairs were flea-market finds that sat in my basement for 2 years before I finally decided what to do with them.  Each began with a coat of spray primer. The blue chair was then spray painted and covered with an Ikat fabric that went well with our home decor.  The white chair was painted in Sherwin Williams “Alabaster,” which is the white you’ll find throughout our home. I covered the white chair’s seat in a painter’s drop and added three simple blue stripes to give it some character and bring out more color.
photo 4   photo 2