Stripe It Up

By: Chelsea

It’s no secret. I love stripes. My eyes have long been drawn to their horizontal and vertical classiness. Fat stripes, skinny stripes, contrasting stripes, tone-on-tone stripes, The White Stripes. I love them all and henceforth declare them to be my favorite ever geometric pattern.

I love them so much that I now have 3 (small) rooms in my house that have stripes painted on the walls. Crazy, I know. I’m addicted to stripes.

With relative ease anyone can jazz up their walls by painting on stripes. All you need is some painters tape, a level, painting tools, and a little time.  The possibilities with such a project are endless, as color choice, size of the stripe and direction of the stripe are all up to the painter. In other words, have fun. Go crazy. Here’s what I’ve done in my house.

The first project I tackled was our small 1/2 bath. I used this tutorial to figure out how to measure the stripes. Thank goodness the math was basic.  I’m about as good at math as these guys are at proposing marriage.

I went with a horizontal stripe and carried it across all the walls. Here’s what the during process and finished product looks like:

photo 2

Cafe Curtain

photo 4

photo 2

wall stripe

wall stripe

Next up is our entryway. Actually, it’s more like an entry cove. Our house’s entry space is nearly non-existent. Right when you open our front door…BAM! Stairs in yo’ face. No place to stand. No place to greet guests. Our lack of entry space is our least favorite feature of this house.  Even though most people probably aren’t as annoyed by the small space as me, I wanted it to somehow look inviting.  So what did I do?  I painted stripes on the wall. Duh.

Again, I went with the same tutorial and same approach. I simply painted our “cove” area with thick horizontal stripes, alternating between the same colors I used in our 1/2 bath. And I love the result:

(Uhhh…forgive my terrible camera skills in these photos. I clearly shouldn’t be operating anything other than a point-and-click.)


008010 009

The most recent space I added stripes to is our office. And by “office” I actually mean “oversized closet off  the master bedroom that more frequently plays the role of catch-all than place-to-get-work done”. It may not be functioning as it’s intended to, but hey, it’s cute.  This time I changed things up a bit. Broke out of the mold. Went a little nuts.

Instead of painting horizontal stripes, I made them vertical. Oh yes. I did. And instead of thick stripes, I skinnied them up a bit.  I’m totally off my rocker, eh? I dig the skinny vertical stripes.  Here are a few pics for you (I’ll do a more complete before/after of our office makeover sometime soon so you can see more of the entire project).

003 006

And there you go. Stripes are my jam.