Customize it!

by Allyn

Do you have any outdated or just plain boring bed skirts hanging around your house? I did! After I got married, the pretty eyelet bed skirt just didn’t seem to fit the Master bedroom.  I love to get creative and reuse every chance I get, so I decided to do the same with this bed skirt.  I found a beautiful outdoor fabric on sale at Joann fabrics, as well as two complimentary ribbon spools to use to finish the top. Why the outdoor fabric? I knew it would keep it’s shape and stay flat like a panel over the eyelet fabric.

Next and most important step, I cut the whole inside of my bed skirt, leaving about a three inch wide border around the top.  I HATE the way bed skirts, bunch and slide and never seem to stay in place.  To prevent this, and make it easier to sew on the new bottom of my bed skirt, I essentially cut it into one long strip.  I cut my material to come up the same distance on both sides of the eyelet fabric, pinned on the ribbon finish and sewed it all in two seams on either side of the ribbon. Viola!

IMG_3237         IMG_3236

The best part is, no bunching under the mattress, because I attached it with sticky velcro to the box springs. Yes! I have won the battle against that crazy bed skirt!


For a plain bed skirt that is pretty, but unremarkable, I added a double length of ribbon and gave a little extra something to my daughter’s room.



And of course, attached it with velcro. Velcro, you rock!


Now get out there and see what needs a quick pick up around your house.  Unable to complete your vision yourself? Give us an email and let’s get together to complete your project: