Making a statement in the bedroom

by Allyn

Have you ever seen a room in a movie or in a magazine and thought, “I wish my room looked like this?” I have! After watching the movie The Proposal, and flipping through some decorating magazines, I fell in love with the idea of a giant headboard for our master bedroom. I loved the idea of a statement piece that defined the bed as well as providing comfort while sitting and reading or talking.  The best part, seeing something that would be expensive to buy outright and saving money by doing it yourself!

To begin, take measurements, list supplies, and gather.


Time to pad the giant back piece and then install the frame support that it will stand on behind the bed.


Next, it’s important to minimize any attachments and make the piece look seamless.  To do this, it was critical to attach the fabric and side supports in a sequential order so that side screws would be hidden, and staples would only be on the back.



My amazing husband used a french cleat to attach the headboard to the wall and allow it to still sit on the floor to create a sturdy and comfortable headboard.

And the finished product is fantastic!


It gives the feeling of crawling into a sheltered, cozy spot to enjoy a great library book, share secrets with my best friend, and get a great night of sleep.

In a coming post, we will share some fun tips to spice up an old and outdated bed skirt, but for now, here is a sneak peek:


May all your dreams be as cozy as mine!