Get Inspired!

I am a craft and art enthusiast. So when I was asked to complete a wall art installation in a craft room, I said, “Yes please!” I love knowing other crafty people are out there and are carving out spaces in their homes to indulge in such a fun hobby. These spaces thrive on color, whimsy, and inspiration.  For this client, nature is the number one inspiration, and thus a tree mural was designed.  This is the space at the start:

IMG_2786    IMG_2785

It is a basement in the process of being finished. In essence, a perfect time for painting on the wall. The client wanted to stick with the colors of nature: browns and greens, but with a pop of brightness, yellow!

First step, the tree, lightly sketched in pencil and then brushed on using an angle brush to bring dimension and movement.

IMG_3045    IMG_3046

The next step, adding the leaves.  I think we are all tired of the lingering winter we have had, and what better way to anticipate spring than to help your own tree leaf out!

IMG_3051    IMG_3052

The final touch, birds!

IMG_3057      IMG_3056

As you can see, since the project was started, the room around it continues to be finished. Next up for this room? A faux bird house applied on the wall to add dimension, a magnetic inspiration board covered in the green fabric,  frames to display artwork, and tons of organizing!  The client stated, “This is my favorite room now! I love to sit under my tree and read a book, or plan my next project.”  I hope this tempts you to think about a room in your house that needs a little extra something to turn it into your favorite room to spend time in.