What is a mood board?

Many may wonder, what does my consultation fee buy me?

As part of your consultation, we view your space, take measurements and pictures and discuss your desires for the space, your design aesthetic, your budget, color preferences etc. At your follow-up meeting (approximately 2 weeks later), you receive a custom floor plan and mood board.

Mood Board 1

This is a sample mood board for a Master Bedroom consult. It begins with the inspiration picture and layered over that are the recommendations. Some of the furniture and pictures may be things you already own, but with a recommendation for a makeover before being added to your new space. The mood board comes with text tags that display the store where you can find it and the price it is currently listed for sale. In this particular mood board, we recommended reusing a current painting that was no longer relevant to the room.


We recommended sanding and painting the frame red and painting over the existing canvas in a similar pattern to the birch trees found on the mood board.


In this instance the homeowner is a bit of a do-it-herself gal just like us and embraced the artist within. This is her beautiful work in progress. If that moniker does not apply to you, we are artists ourselves and would love to help you complete any of the projects we recommend on your mood board.

As a result of your consultation you have a few options:

You can take off and complete your recommended plan based on the provided floor plan and mood board

You can hire us to complete this plan for you based on the recommendations

You can hire us to complete parts of the plan for you based on the recommendations

So the only question you need to answer now is, which room should you call us for first?